Byron Cook swore an oath to uphold the Texas and US constitutions. Yet as a legislator he has pushed legislation that violates that oath by targeting citizens, churches, and conservative groups, opposed restrictions on abortion, worked to strip “mother” and “father” off of birth certificates, and supported giving state benefits to illegal aliens.

Sadly, Byron Cook is…


Byron is Bad on the First Amendment
Cook, who serves as the Chairman of the powerful House Committee on State Affairs, gutted Gov. Abbott’s landmark ethics legislation and replaced it with provisions designed to suppress the rights of citizens. Cook took out provisions aimed at limiting him from leaving office to be a lobbyist and replaced them with provisions that would regulate the speech rights of churches and other citizens groups, and that would unconstitutionally prohibit citizens from recording interactions with lawmakers.


Byron is Bad on Life Issues
Cook has fought pro-life conservatives from his perch as chairman of the State Affairs Committee. According to Texas Right to Life, Byron Cook “derailed Life-saving legislation” while supporting measures that allow third-trimester abortions of babies with birth defects.



Byron is Bad on Family Values
Cook worked with liberal Democrats to advance legislation that would strip “mother” and “father” off of birth certificates. Their goal was to change the certificates in order to accommodate more adoptions by homosexual couples.


Byron is Bad on Border Security
Cook’s biggest priority over the past two sessions has been passing a law to give drivers permits to illegal aliens. Cook justifies the law by arguing that giving state recognition and benefits to illegal aliens will lead more of them to get car insurance, but his own committee acknowledged in a study that illegal aliens are able to purchase car insurance without state identification.

Recently amnesty advocates praised Cook for his efforts on the issue, calling him their “best friend” in the legislature.